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"Job seeker's best kept secret" - Career Mag
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"Job seeker's best kept secret" - Career Mag

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How we can help your job search

expand your reach

We apply across 50+ job search sites and over 10,000 employers

focus your efforts elsewhere

Why spend your time filling out online job forms? ApplyForMe.net lets you focus on other job search tactics like networking, informational interviews, and career fairs.

stay organized

Track all your submissions with your secure and private online JobWall TM. Rate and comment on all job applications. Communicate directly with your Human Resource Professional

personalized and targeted

Create and personalize your job search profile with over 75 search options.

Be smart with your job search

Keywords are Important

Keywords are important when completing and submitting to online job applications. Online job application systems use search engine software to target and to identify candidates. If you do not include these keywords in your application, hiring managers and recruiters will NOT find you. Our Human Resource Professionals are experienced in over 15 industries and 100+ different job roles; including government, health care, technology, marketing, education, and business. We understand which keywords are most important and will work to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Direct Applicants are More Desirable

Most job applicants are unaware that hiring managers must pay a large fee to 2nd and 3rd party recruiter. In this economic time, when every dollar counts, hiring managers tend to consider interviewing direct applicants (applicants that apply on their own) before those represented by recruiters. Recruiters are valuable in helping you find unlisted opportunities, however they normally do not consider you for opportunities that leverage your transferable skills. You must find these opportunities on your own – that’s where ApplyForMe.net can help you.

It’s a Numbers Game

Did you know that on average it takes 137 applications to land one interview? Who has the time to do this? Especially when you must focus your efforts on other activities like networking and informational interviews. ApplyForMe.net will help increase your odds of landing more interviews.

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Monthly Plans

30 App Plan

This plan gives you 30 completed job applications for your main job search profile. This plan helps you save time and is best for casual job seekers or those actively submitting applications on their own behalf.
30 aplications

60 App Plan

This plan gives you the flexibility to apply for jobs across 3 different search profiles. You have complete flexibility. You can allocate your submission credits anyway you want. This plan is great for those looking to change roles within the same industry.
60 aplications

100 App Plan

The best value. This plan is for those looking to change roles and industry or for those who are facing a difficult job search. Ex military, new graduates, career changers, and senior-level ($75K+ managers and executives). You have maximum options with this plan. This plans allows you to create up to five (5) different job search profiles.
100 aplications